Whoa! I talked to Zoe Viccaji on Twitter

I talked to Zoe Viccaji, and asked her whatever I wanted to know about her :-)

Enjoy your life

Its short, its beautiful. Don't waste it living someone else's life. Try to be find a goal and a type of person you want to be and then work towards becoming that person rather than comparing yourself to others. Never let other's tell you something is worthless. If you enjoy doing it then keep doing it. Living a life under other people's viewpoint is worst. Try to arrange it in such a fashion that you enjoy the fullest.

Be good with others and try not to pick up fights with others. Rather than that, try to help others in reaching their goals so they help you achieve yours.


I met Dr. Umar Saif on Twitter

Met Dr. Umar Saif on Twitter. I told him that my friend @ is coming to Lahore for his venture and Mr. Umar Saif liked it.

I took his advice for a startup idea I had in mind to which he replied as,
He seems to be a nice person.

I went to Karachi Literature Festival and met Jibran Nasir

Decided to go to Karachi Literature Festival where I met Jibran Nasir. I have been following him on social media for some time and liked his view points. I got a chance to meet him today. I asked him how being jailed felt. He told me that being jailed was not a big deal. I replied back saying it is if you are an educated person. It was fun. He is a cool guy.

Karachi Literature Festival was really awesome. I got a chance to see a lot of exciting people ( I don't want to name all of them since they don't know me). It was overall a very good experience.

Thank you KLF for giving me a free coke and a t-shirt at the event.

20 days of highly effective work

Closing my social media accounts for 20 days so I can focus on some tasks. Good bye.

I threw negative people out of my life.

If one really wants to do something great in your life, keep things simple and be around positive people. This year, I decided to cut contacts with every negative person in my life and spread positivism with those which are spreading positive energy. I am loving it. Life is good :-)

My new wish for 2015

In 2015, I plan to travel as much as I can. This is my wish for 2015. I wasn't very outgoing from 20 some years and missed the beautiful real moments of life confined in my room. Two years back, I went to a hackathon where I met some really exciting people and realized networking and outgoing is a really good hobby ( I always used to think its a waste of time. Blame our education system).

Two other events which made me really feel that outgoing was a cool thing was meeting Monis Rehman, CEO Rozee at StartupGrind and meeting Salim Ghauri at P@SHA ICT awards.

Its difficult to leave house and go out for events like this in Karachi since I was not used to it but I have realized that it pays out pretty well. I waste a lot of time on social networks and have talked to a lot of people I never met. Going out gives me the chance of meeting them in real life.

The fun that comes with meeting someone in real life can not be told in written. One more interesting thing that happens is that I get a chance to dress well and get a cool selfie at the event.

Today, I have missed one of my yoga at walk the talk for not waking up on time but I am determined that I will catch up with the second event which is last day of Karachi Literature Festival. Got to go get ready.

Face the problem

Inspirational Quote 1
Inspirational Quote 2

I went to P@SHA ICT Conference & Awards 2014

I went to the conference and awards held at Movenpick, Karachi, Pakistan.
P@SHA ICT Awards, 2014
My current boss also went to the event,
Abdul Rahman Rafiq, co-founder Inspurate
Met some old IT fellows. Some new people I met include,

Imran Moin Uddin, CEO NexDegree
Imran Moin Uddin gave me tips about entrepreneurship in Pakistan and replied why Stanford was so cool!
Fatima Rizwan (Founder TechJuice)
It was really nice to meet Fatima. She gave me some tips on starting an Indiegogo campaign. She told her startup story and it was really inspiring!

I am participating in P@SHA's Award Ceremony and the conference

Being an active member of Pakistan's IT industry, I thought it would be great to go and view the award ceremony. So I applied for both the awards ceremony and the conference. I think, it would be a great time. My current boss, Abdul Rahman Rafiq also plan to come.

This is a night like no other in the IT industry of Pakistan. I would like to be part of it and learn. I have also registered myself as a volunteer to help and learn from the event.